Visitor Discretion Advisory

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Visitor Discretion Advised

This site is meant for use by adults 18 or over and the content on this page applies to anyone who is visiting this site for any reason.

The content contained on this site discusses or displays art that depicts events that are related to the racist, misogynist, exploitative, imperialist and otherwise damning history of America and other places globally. Some artwork and related discussions are based on actual historical events that capture these very violent, turbulent and destructive aspects of human history, particularly in America. 

The art on this website tells the story of human atrocities based on race, religion, gender and other benign characteristics through. It focuses nearly entirely on white supremacy, white nationalism, white imperialism, and white male domination of women of all races from the perspective of an African American artist with indigenous and European ancestors.

We offer no apology for the content on this site or for telling the truth about human history, particularly American history, in this context. We also don’t feel we owe any tolerance toward or understanding of those whose beliefs and related actions are harmful to people targeted by them.

The sole purpose of this page is to explain the meaning of the art, its context and provide a warning to certain viewers who may be sensitive to or angered by the art here to expect to feel triggered in that way. However, to be clear:

The content may include depictions of rape, murder, assault, legal injustice, drug addiction and community violence, police and other brutality related to African enslavement, African American experience and historical and present day racism. It also honestly and directly addresses the Jewish Holocaust and the sexual exploitation of women, primarily those of African American descent. In that connection, some images show full frontal nudity of men’s, women’s and children’s bodies. Nothing here should be construed to be anything other than artistic and original creation and expression of the artist. It is not meant to be pornographic nor should it be used as sexual entertainment or exploitation of any person or group depicted in this artwork. You are forbidden from using the art anywhere on this site (or on Professor Chandler’s social media accounts) in any way that is prohibited or illegal under mores or laws of any jurisdiction anywhere on the globe.

We agree the racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, exploitative, and misogynist beliefs, ideologies, language, images, and behaviors depicted in the content on this site is abhorrent. But, we also believe it is essential to use these depictions to tell disgraceful but very real truths about the human story and American racism, in particular, to confront them and their perpetrators and change the future. It is the way the artist, Dana Chandler, has been called to address and educate others about this genuine and shameful part of our past and current history.

Why This Art Is Important to Show Online

Professor Chandler is a globally-renowned activist artist with a history of artistic expression related to America’s racist, bigoted, misogynistic history and the retelling of global events like genocide and holocausts. His daughter and artist agent, Dahna Chandler, created this site to share his work, life, and history.

Nonetheless, Professor Chandler’s art on its own is some of the most important in American history. It is owned by collectors globally and has been shown in major museums around America and the world. It is important to share his art and story, in all its rawness and pain, to honor his history of creating art that reflects truths many want to avoid. While he has received much support over his nearly 60-year history as an artist and educator, he still created this art at great personal sacrifice, expense, and risk to himself and his family.

We believe failing to share Professor Chandler’s art, and history would be offensive to the millions who faced – and still face – bigotry, discrimination, prejudice, and racism in all its forms. That is particularly true during this time in global history, especially American history, where many wish to return their country to a time where legal oppression, like Jim Crow, South African Apartheid, holocausts (Jewish and others), genocide, imperialism, and enslavement were allowed or acceptable.

Please keep in mind while other artists works and views may be shared here in the context of Professor Chandler’s work and life, Ms. Chandler does not represent those artists, and neither she or Professor Chandler is liable for viewer reaction to those images. The site is neither required to or meant to reflect fully the views of those artists, the activists, and others presented here or anyone else alive or dead anywhere in the world. Ms. Chandler created this site exclusively to represent her father’s art, history, and life.

Trigger Warning

The art and other content on this site may be triggering, traumatic, shocking, offensive or otherwise harmful to view for some visitors. If after reading the information about the content on this site above, you know you will experience harm of any kind by viewing the content on this site, you are strongly advised to leave now and not return.

By remaining on this site and viewing its content, you agree you understand this notice fully and take all risks associated with viewing this content. Further, you absolve the artist, agent, their entities, the subjects of content shown here or their estates of any liability for your choice to view any content here. 

We also have no liability for the actions of others who may use or share the content on this site to harm, offend or anger others. This policy applies to any art we or others share anywhere else online, including on social media.

Parental Discretion Advised

Parental or legal guardian supervision of visitors under 18 is strongly suggested. Parents or legal guardians accept full responsibility for their unsupervised minors (<18 years) while they are on this site. Please visit the “Site Info” section of this website for the full Visitor Discretion Advisory, additional information about its content and other policies to which you agree by remaining on this site.

Message to Hateful Individuals or Members of Hate Groups

We know those who maintain or perpetuate the beliefs and ideologies depicted or discussed here, whether they acknowledge them to be as despicable and dangerous to their subjects as most others in human society do, will find this site particularly offensive. Given that the site largely discussion anti-black racism, these groups would consist primarily of those behaving like or identifying themselves as white nationalists or by any other related hate group pseudonym as described by the experts at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Defamation League or similar organizations. (We invite you to go directly to their websites for more information.)

We also realize that there are others who will experience outrage and feel attacked by the content tone of this site, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, or gender or sexual identity. They may be among those groups identified by SPLC or politicians, media personalities or activists known to be hateful outside of their groups of supporters or who merely misinterpret the content here as offensive as have some activist group members in the past. We even expect that some of you may use this content or this message to perpetuate your message or drive viewership of your broadcast or video content or for other commercial or political purposes. 

Again, we offer no apology to those individuals for angering or offending them or pricking their conscience with the content here. You are entirely entitled to your opinion and know you recognize that any overreaction you have publicly will drive supportive traffic to this site.

However, we do require you not engage in any activities destructive to this site as identified in our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Anti-Spam Policy or Content Disclaimer or that might be libelous, slanderous, defamatory.

That includes behavior or activities, online or off, that is otherwise intentionally damaging to the interests of persons of or physically harmful to Prof. Dana Chandler or Dahna Chandler or their family, friends or associates. We will determine, at our discretion, what that harm or damaging behavior constitutes once you commit the acts. We are monitoring such activities and will prosecute them to the fullest extent of American or international law available. 

Again, you are wholly liable for any harm or offense you believe you have experienced by remaining on this site after reading this page, the other related Site Info. That is true even if you fail to read this page and the rest of the Site Info section of the site.

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