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Dana Chandler’s art has always been controversial, compelling and discomforting. Like most activist art, especially works that confront the racial history of America, it’s meant to engage, provoke, and shock. It also reflects the reality under which people who have been deliberately oppressed, brutalized and marginalized live daily.

Because it’s not “safe” art that’s easy on the eyes and gentle on the mind but abrasive, disturbing, graphic and raw, people viewing the work and the supporting content that describes the artist’s intent can experience a variety of reactions. That is true of the artist’s statements, opinions and worldview which may be profane, brusque, inflammatory, and offensive or seemingly contradictory or confusing. The policies we’ve put together for visitors to this site recognize that.

Please visit each page linked below this one, read them carefully, understand their content and conduct yourself according to these rules and policies.

In addition to the standard Terms of Use, has established a Privacy Policy to explain how user information is collected and used by as well as a Content Disclaimer that describes the content creation process and intellectual property rights and Visitor Discretion Advisory that provides an extended trigger warning about the content contained on this site, its purpose and potential to offend. We also provide an Anti-Spam Policy that provides requirements for use of our site emails. You may find these pages as follows:

Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy:

Content Disclaimer

Anti-Spam Policy

They are also linked below the label for this page on the site’s navigation bar and linked at the bottom of each page under “Quick Links.” That way, you can refer back to them throughout your visit.

All are incorporated by reference into the site’s Terms of Use. By visiting or remaining on this site after reading this page or any or all of the others, you are signifying your agreement to these policies whether your read them completely or you thoroughly understand them or not. As such, you accept full responsibility and liability for your experiences here.

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