Protecting Professor Chandler and His Art

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Professor Dana C. Chandler, Jr. is an internationally-renowned “listed” fine artist who has earned that position in the art world through many years of hard work. That has made him a target of copyright violators, art thieves, and art vandals as well as defaming and harassing individuals for over 50 years. As we work to protect his legacy, there are some things we will not permit.

Professor Chandler is now an elder. Alone he is not.

While it’s unfortunate that many elders are alone and do not have people around to protect them, that is not the case with Professor Chandler. This former Baptist Deacon is the father of seven biological children, including his artist representative and art sales agent daughter.

He is blessed with multiple grown grandchildren as well as living siblings, nieces, and nephews, cousins and other extended family. Many colleagues and friends—new and old—remain interested in the professor’s art and legacy as an artist, too.

There are many people who are appropriately watchful against harm to the professor and his art. There are several types offenses he will protect himself from with the support of all who love and care about him.

Those include copyright violations, art theft, art vandalism, and destruction as well as harassment and defamation. He and his family take those offenses very seriously. Hence, while the only family member who legally represents him as his artist agent and art sales agent is his daughter, the following policies intend to confront them.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Theft is not.

Having had his artwork stolen repeatedly and globally over the past 50+ years Professor Chandler will no longer silently tolerate copies, reproductions, distribution, or derivative works created from his art.

We will prosecute aggressively such theft to the fullest extent of the international law, protections under which Dana Chandler helped advocate for visual artists to obtain.

That includes filing lawsuits and contacting government agencies, Federal Bureau of Investigations Art Crime Team, Interpol, and related federal agencies in other countries.

(Left: Dana C. Chandler, Jr. in 1970 with the original “Fred Hampton’s Door.” It was stolen at the Washington World’s Fair that year.)

Legitimate art protest is acceptable. Art destruction is not.

Just as Professor Chandler has had art stolen, he has also had art destroyed by angry protestors and critics. Professor Chandler and his family will work with law enforcement and museums where his art is exhibited to have any acts of art vandalism or destruction investigated and fully prosecuted.

That includes contacting any law enforcement agencies necessary and working with insurers and their investigators to determine culpability. We will file civil lawsuits where necessary.

 (Right: “Golden Prison,” one of Chandler’s seminal works, was sent to an exhibition and returned destroyed.)

Sincere criticism is expected. Defamation and harassment are not.

Professor Chandler is a 77-year-old elder. While he is by no means fragile and helpless, he is beloved by his family. He, with our help when necessary but often without our assistance, will take all steps necessary to protect himself from undue mental and psychological harm caused by defamation or harassment of any type, including cyber harassment.

Those steps may include criminal prosecution, civil legal action and widespread media exposure. (His daughter, Dahna, also is an award-winning investigative journalist with lots of colleagues who like her dad.)

Certainly, any attempts to cause physical harm not be tolerated in any form or fashion by anyone for any reason will get met with any appropriate response require, including arrest, criminal prosecution, and civil lawsuits.

Fee and purchase disputes are understandable. Theft of services and art are not.

Professor Chandler expects to be fully compensated for all services he provides in full and on time and to get paid in full for all artwork he commissions or sells. Please expect to execute and honor contracts for both and have those inquiries we find untrustworthy or opportunities we find inappropriate for an artist of his caliber rejected.

Aging is inevitable. Unhappiness in old age is not.

Our goal is to have Professor Chandler live out the rest of his years in peace, comfort, and as the beneficiary of the work of his hands which he believes was his calling from God to do. We and our legal representatives will work to protect those rights of peace and enjoyment to the fullest extent required.

(c) 2017-2018. The Living Legend Artist, LLC. All rights reserved. The copyrights to all artwork displayed on this site, unless otherwise noted, belong to Dana C. Chandler, Jr. and those copyrights and each work owned by The Pan African Artist, LLC. All rights reserved. Please carefully review our copyright and related disclaimers above for further protection information.  

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