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Chandler in his Gallup, NM studio in 2008 with his seminal work, Fred Hampton’s Door II, which is traveling in the “Soul of a Nation” exhibition.

Professor Dana C. Chandler, Jr., is an internationally-celebrated, legendary activist visual artist and retired professor. His career as an activist began as a teen in with the NAACP, The New England Federation of Temple Youth, of which he was an honorary member, and The New England Conference of Christians and Jews. His art career began in high school as well where he won his first national awards for art in ninth grade. 

A 1967 MassArt alumnus, he is most well known for his seminal works in the 1960s-1980s depicting the civil rights struggle. But, he continued to produce works into the early 2000s that confronted other aspects of structural inequality and global oppression like misogyny, holocaust, genocide, and imperialism.

Chandler also is renowned for creating and founding the African-American Master Artist-in-Residency Program at Northeastern University in 1978. He co-directed then directed the visual arts complex, making the first of its kind program successful, until his 1993 ouster.

Chandler also was an art history, painting, and drawing professor at Simmons College in Boston from 1971-2004 when he retired and moved to Gallup, NM where he currently resides.

With over 60 years of experience as an activist artist, speaker, exhibitor, writer, and educator, he still keeps it real and relevant. In fact, Chandler’s thinking isn’t stuck in the past. Instead, he puts the past in today’s perspective for media and audiences of all types.

In his incomparable way, Prof. Chandler can talk about art, politics, socioeconomics, entertainment, family, intergenerational issues, aging, community activism, past and present, as any number of other subjects in a serious or entertaining but interactive and thought-provoking manner. Here’s an example of one of the symposia he participated in at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art.


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Current and Upcoming Events

We’re pleased to announce that Prof. Chandler’s seminal work, “Fred Hampton’s Door II” (pictured with Chandler above) continues to be part of “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power.”

After its phenomenal run at London’s Tate Modern Museum last summer, the exhibition debuted in the US at the Walton Family Foundation’s Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR, in February 2018. That show, where Prof. Chandler participated in a panel discussion during its Symposium called “Role of Artists in Education: A Conversation with Randy Williams, Dana Chandler, and William T. Williams,” also was a smash hit. It next appears at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City, from September 14, 2018-February 3, 2019.  

The exhibition explores how ‘Black Art’ was defined, rejected and redefined by artists across the United States in the period 1963–83. The works on display feature artists such as Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis, Lorraine O’Grady and Betye Saar, alongside prominent British-Guyanese painter Frank Bowling who was resident in New York for much of this time.

Beginning with the establishment of the Spiral art collective in 1963, the exhibition examines how debate raged among and beyond African-American visual artists about what it meant to make and show art, who it was for and how it should relate to the Civil Rights movement and other campaigns for racial empowerment.

It’s been touted as a must-see exhibition by news mediasignificant art publications and art collectors globally. Don’t miss it when it gets to Brooklyn! 

Visit the Brooklyn Museum’s website for more information and tickets.

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