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SaKKKrificial Dance, 8x12 ft, Acrylic on Masonite, Dana C. Chandler, Jr., 1980

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This work is part of the artist's "Return of the ReconstruKKKtion Series," which depicts America's post-reconstruction history of vile racial horrors perpetrated by white supremacists on black lives and bodies. This seminal piece, inspired by Henri Matisse's 1907 classic, "Le Danse," is painted using Matisse's freehand style. While Matisse's work portrays happy festivities, Chandler's painting depicts racist American terrorists engaged in celebratory dances around lynched black bodies that were burning in post-murder funeral pyres. It also illustrates the sexual objectification of white women, the protection of whose virtue white men used, like their bodies, to justify lynchings of black men and boys like Emmett Till.

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