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Dana Chandler in his Gallup, NM studio, 2008. Paintings seen from right to left, “Black Man Break Free from the Suckin, Muthafuckin White Egg” and “Fred Hampton’s Door II.”

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  • Are you interested in booking Professor Chandler for paid engagements, interviewing him for an article, dissertation, book or other project?
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Contacting him is simple through me, his daughter and artist agent. Please contact me in the Washington, DC area as indicated below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dahna M. Chandler, President
The Living Legend Artist, LLC
Exclusive Artist Representative and Art Sales Agent

To prevent unwanted contact, we request those serious about booking Professor Chandler for paid engagements, interviewing him or exhibiting or purchasing his art for your collection contact us using email addresses below. At that time, you may request our phone number.

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*Serious inquiries only from legitimate collectors prepared to properly transact purchases in US dollars under US law or recognized, reputable exhibitors to the public prepared to cover return transportation, full insurance and all other costs associated with exhibiting fine art work.

**NOTE TO MEMBERS OF THE PRESS: Our sincerest apologies if you have been trying to reach us. We were unaware that the press email was down for some reason but should be functional now. Thank you for your patience.

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