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Since he was a teen activist in Boston, Professor Chandler has appeared in exhibitions, on panels and stages, on television and radio, in articles and before audiences of all races, ages, and backgrounds. He’s an activist artist who offers a unique perspective on art, education, politics, economics and race.

He has exhibited with some of the most renowned artists in history, received numerous awards for his work, activism, and accomplishments and appeared in nearly 50 books as well as numerous trade and consumer magazines and publications and scholarly journals.

His speaking fees are reasonable and so are his accommodation requests. He would be happy to consider your event and knows you won’t be disappointed if he elects to participate. Moreover, despite his renown, he is down-to-earth, remarkably amenable and relatively easy to accommodate. His objective is to make certain you and your audience have a positive experience with his appearance.

Given his broad experience of over 50 years experience as a speaker, exhibitor and writer, he’s available in a number of capacities, including as:

  • exhibitor
  • speaker/lecturer
  • podcaster/broadcaster (include interviewer)
  • entertainment critic/writer
  • moderator/panelist
  • curator/show judge/juror
  • interview subject or source
  • for personal appearances
  • ...etc!

Keeping it real and relevant, Dana Chandler, Jr. doesn’t think in the past; he brings today’s perspective to audiences of all ages.

The ever erudite Prof. Chandler can, in his inimitable way, gives his unique viewpoint on:

  • art and art history
  • public policy and politics
  • socioeconomics
  • multiculturalism and the globalization of America
  • news and entertainment
  • faith and family
  • intergenerational issues
  • aging
  • community activism yesterday and today

…and any number of other subjects in an entertaining but interactive and thought-provoking manner.

Your audience will talk about Professor Chandler long after your event. Learn some of Professor Chandler’s reflections on today’s world by visiting the artist’s Facebook Page.

Reach out to learn more about bringing Prof. Chandler to speak to your organization or group!

(Note: Professor Chandler is not available for teaching, training or consulting (except as a curator) and only considers fully-paid opportunities including all expenses expected to be paid for any national speaker. He’s not available for honorariums under $1500 and travel must be no further than 10 miles from his home, unless it’s fully pre-paid. He reserves the right to reject any offer at any time for any reason without explanation.)

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