Anti-Spam Policy

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Please don’t spam us. We take it personally.

As you see on the Contact page for the site, we’ve provided email links for you to use for specific purposes. To keep spam down nearly zero percent, we’ve implemented this anti-spam policy.

We understand folks need to make their money or do their jobs but there’s a right way to do it, and spam is not that way. So, here a few rules we expect site visitors to honor. They’re important to make clear because spam is evil and, like most people, we hate spam. But before we automatically add abusive emailers to email blacklisting sites, we think it’s important to have a policy this policy on our the website. Please, respect our aversion to spam like we promise below to respect yours.

  • The first email address on our Contact page is only for use by those wanting to book Professor Chandler for an event as well as to get general information about the artist.
  • The second email address on our Contact page is for professional PR people or media who want interviews. You  should ONLY use the email address provided above to communicate with us. Please don’t call us or find and use any other email address. (Contacting us via social media is okay as long as you don’t stalk us there.)

  • The third email address on the page is to request to use Professor Chandler’s art for exhibition or to obtain sales information. We expect serious inquiries only from recognized museums with the resources to cover the costs of exhibiting his art. Also, solely invite legitimate collectors with the correct understanding of how to purchase fine art as well as resources to purchase high value art and a willingness to sign related transfer documents to contact us. 
  • There are two additional email address on this website. One is on the Content Disclaimer page to contact us about reproducing content from this site. The second is on the Terms of Use page. Both are only to be used for the purposes described on those pages.

Moreover, we already have web design and related services providers available to us, and we’re not looking for new designers, SEO consultants or related services providers. So, please do NOT use any of these email addresses to solicit us or sell your services.

Please don’t contact us to offer Prof. Chandler or Dahna Chandler ‘opportunities’ to participate in unpaid speaking engagements. As an elder, Professor Chandler requires transportation to events. Please don’t invite him to travel more than five miles from his homes to participate in yours, including openings of shows that include him, without compensation. We will decline such requests.

To reduce spamming, we will report such spam to email providers and spammer blacklists. We will block the IP and email addresses of those who abuser our email addresses.

We promise you we won’t spam you either.

If you provide The Living Legend Artist, LLC with your email address for any reason, we assure you we won’t add it to any email lists for which you haven’t opted in deliberately. We don’t like it when other people do that to us without our permission so we won’t do it to you.

Please feel free to review the website’s privacy policy to learn more about how we use your email address or contact us if you have any questions about this policy. Just don’t spam us.

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