Agent’s Disclaimer of Artist’s Statements

In addition to the application of the Site Policies on this site, Dahna M. Chandler and The Living Legend Artist, LLC (collectively, “Agent”) provide the following disclaimer as it relates to statements made by Dana C. Chandler, Jr. (“Artist”). By engaging professionally with the Agent or the Artist in activities related to his artwork or history as an artist or educator or any other for which the Agent represents him, you agree to this Agent’s Disclaimer of Artist’s Statements.

For the purposes of conducting business together, the Artist and Agent maintain separate entities under which each operates. Dana C. Chandler, Jr. operates under Akin Duro, LLC and The Pan African Artist, LLC. Dahna M. Chandler operates under The Living Legend Artist, LLC and may create other entities to operate on behalf of the Agent.

While he is an elder, he is not fragile or unable to express strong opinions. But, the Artist also represents his own worldview and opinions and makes his statements independently and, often, spontaneously of the Agent. Though his Agent does advise the Artist about statements he should make and he often accepts that guidance, she does not censor his words, nor would he allow her, too.

Therefore, like his art might be offensive to some viewers, his words may be profane, brusque, inflammatory, and offensive or his opinions or statements or assertions seemingly contradictory, especially to the beliefs or understanding of listeners.

The Agent disclaims all responsibility or liability for the statements or assertions made verbally or in writing by the Artist either through this website or elsewhere, online or off, publicly or privately. The Artist’s spontaneously, unplanned statements and shared viewpoints are his opinions and his alone. If he is operating under either of his limited liability companies, you should contact him at the email addresses or other contact information provided for those entities. 

Similarly, the Agent’s statements and shared viewpoints, verbally or in writing, while usually carefully considered, are her opinions and hers alone. When connected to her other enterprises, The Living Legend Artist, LLC, Akin Duro, LLC or The Pan African Artist, LLC disclaim all liability or responsibility for those statements, assertions or related actions. The Agent should be contacted at the entity under which she is operating when making those statements.

The Agent has no requirement to determine the truth or accuracy of the statements made or opinions expressed, in writing or verbally, by the Artist before posting them or links to them on this website or on social media on his behalf. That includes any statements made to the press, which he chooses to say independently of the Agent’s advice, monitoring or presence.

It is entirely the Artist’s responsibility to answer questions about the veracity, meaning or content of his statements or opinions or to to correct or clarify them, either independently or through the Agent. However, at no time will the Agent allow abusive verbal or written behavior toward or badgering queries or demands for statements or information from the Artist toward or any other aggressive or capricious activity against the Artist.

Moreover, the Agent retains all rights to refuse comment on any situation, statement or opinion expressed by either her or the Artist. The Agent will not respond to abusive or badgering emails or other contacts except to report them to law enforcement or address them through legal counsel.

This disclaimer may not be complete and is subject to change or be expanded at any time without notice to site visitors.

(c) 2018. The Living Legend Artist, LLC. All rights reserved.


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