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Prof. Dana C. Chandler with then 15-year-old Dahna M. Chandler in summer 1979. They’re in the artist’s original AAMARP studio at 11 Leon Street, Roxbury.

Dahna M. Chandler, 54, has had a front row seat in her father’s career–whether art, activism or education–since infancy. She witnessed the history of his African American Master Artist-in-Residency Program play out before her from its conception to its near elimination by Northeastern University.

She has spent her entire life in the media with little exception and today is an accomplished professional. A graduate of Wellesley College and currently a top graduate student at Georgetown University in the Public Relations and Corporate Communications program, she is an internationally-published, award-winning business journalist, professional blogger, and digital corporate communications advisor for the wealth industry.

Ms. Chandler, whose articles have been published in several languages, has two decades of journalism experience. She has practiced public relations for as long though, today, only represents her father in that professional context. 

She has written for multiple news organizations, many of them major. Her Black Enterprise and other articles have even been used by researchers and book authors in their writings. In 2005, Ms. Chandler received an award for “Downfall of a Black Syndication Kingpin,” published in the April 2005 of Black Enterprise magazine.

Ms. Chandler’s professional career as an arts and entertainment marketing began in 1980 when she worked as a paid intern in her father’s AAMARP Visual Arts Complex at Northeastern University. In that role, she created press lists, helped design and distribute flyers and postcards as well as assisted in planning and executing the many events held there weekly.

She likes to say, “I’ve been in PR my entire life,” and cites her first ‘media appearance’ as being at ten months old as a photo model for her dad’s photography class at MassArt. (The Artist is a 1967 graduate of MassArt.)

Ms. Chandler has appeared in multiple newspaper and magazine articles and on television programs with her father. As the image above, which was in the catalog from on her father’s major shows, her father prominently featured her in his promotional materials for over 35 years.

Since 1997, Ms. Chandler, using her unique experiences with high profile individuals and organizations, has provided press relations expertise to multiple visual and performing artists and art organizations.

She has served as the marketing and public relations chair on many nonprofit boards and led communications committees in organizations like the Junior League of Atlanta. Clients and nonprofit colleagues recognize her for media campaigns that are unique, professional, well-executed, honest, and successful.

Similarly, an award-winning entrepreneur, she’s owned her own enterprises since she was old enough to legally execute a contract in her name. Ms. Chandler has achieved success in her business endeavors for over 20 years.

Today, in addition to her other professional activities, she is as focused on preserving her father’s historical legacy as an activist artist, civil rights activist, women’s advocate, and educator. She recognizes that without the sacrifices to their careers and personal lives made by her father and his contemporaries, whatever their role in civil rights history, many of us, particularly those on the national scene, could not be who and where we are.

She doesn’t take that for granted because she knows what it cost them and their attainments, while they benefited many of us remain, under fire. In fact, AAMARP is, once again, in danger of being permanently shuttered.

Many civil rights activists paid the ultimate price. Others had to forgo much more lucrative careers. She places her father in the latter category and is confident he deserves the respect, and finally, the remuneration, his art, and contributions have earned himand have helped many others to make in their art careers.

Because of her history with her father, Ms. Chandler, herself a talented visual artist, feels uniquely equipped and impassioned to represent him and his interests. She became her father’s exclusive artist representative and art sales agent in 2007.

Finally, one of Ms. Chandler’s proudest accomplishments is her grown son, Darrien, 33, who is in law enforcement in the Baltimore, MD area. Ms. Chandler resides in Washington, DC area.

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